Recipes from Napa

Grilled Flank Steak with Zucchini and Chimichurri

Palmaz Vineyards | March 2023

We love to grill flank steaks for tapas. They are quick to fire up and are very flavorful and tender. Flank steaks also have the added benefit of a lower risk of overcooking. When paired with fresh zucchini and Chimichurri salsa this dish is celebratory of a coming Spring.  

Squab and Roasted Morels with a Spring Garlic Risotto

Palmaz Vineyards | November 2022

This entree brings together two of our favorite foods: squab and morel mushrooms. When served together, they make a perfect pairing for big, opulent Cabernet Sauvignons. The day before, you can prep the squab breasts, braise the squab legs and make the garlic and morel cream. Then, when guests arrive, you need only to concentrate on the risotto and the squab breasts.

Palmaz Vineyards Florencia Muscat Spritzer

By Florencia Palmaz | June 2022

Our Seasonal Florencia Muscat Spritzer is one of our current pairings for our Terrace Tastings at the winery. Bright and citrusy, grounded by rosemary, this is the ultimate refresher! You will quickly find it to be your new summer staple. Take fresh, seasonal ingredients and uplift them with our versatile Florencia Muscat and you have a very impressive cocktail on your hands.

Tasting With Truffles

By Florencia Palmaz | February 2022

Cabernet and Truffles – Tricky bedfellows that spark magic when paired well. 

As a vintner and a chef, it is my pleasure to share unexpected pairings featuring beautiful ingredients and the library of our wines. This winter I have been enchanted with fresh, black Périgord Truffles—and yes, I’ve fallen in love with the unconventional pairing of Truffles and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Traditional Sommelier training would never imagine pairing fresh back truffles with Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. It is generally believed that the deep earthy aromas of truffles are best highlighted with wines that mirror such earthy (almost funky) undertones, like Barolo or a library vintage of Burgundy. Thankfully the mysteries of Napa are great. With all its varied microclimates and soil types you can find a vintage and a vineyard that pairs well with almost any season’s treasured ingredients.

Perfect Pairings for the Gaston Cabernet

By Palmaz Vineyards | December 2021

The Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon is not always available in the tasting room due to its small production and limited release. When it’s present, though, it always steals the show.

Demystifying the Tomahawk Steak with Lodge Cast Iron


By Brasas At The Table | Nov 2021

Weighing in around two to three pounds each, Tomahawks are one of the most rewarding cuts out there, but they’re also intimidating. In preparation for our High Steaks dinner event this December, we thought we’d do a deep dive into this particular cut. In demystifying the Tomahawk, we hope it becomes your new steakhouse favorite—one you can enjoy at your own table.

Why You Should Jump On The Bone Broth Trend


Written by Jessica Palmaz | October, 2021

As summer fades, we lean into the warmth of our kitchens and recipes that can take an edge off the chill. Soups, stews, and braises—we fall back on all kinds of comfort dishes here at Palmaz—but nothing is more comforting than the sound of a stock pot simmering.

Potato and Short-Rib Pavé with a Cabernet Reduction

Potato and Short-Rib Pavé with a Cabernet Reduction

PALMAZ VINEYARDS  | October 7, 2021

A decadent dish, indeed!  We love it served next to a bed of fresh arugula, shaved Parmesan and a glass of Palmaz Cabernet for the perfect fall lunch.  Make sure to have some extra Cabernet Reduction on hand for anyone who wants to spoon some additional sauce over the top.

Cheese Pairings With The 2018 Louise Riesling From The French Cheese Board

Cheese Pairings with The 2018 Louise Riesling | Charles Duque, The French Cheese Board

In true form, the 2018 Riesling “Louise” from Palmaz Winery was delivered in a “Flûte” shaped bottle reminiscent of Rieslings from Alsace, France. It also has a low alcohol content consistent with old world production. 

Chilled Spicy Melon Soup

Chilled Spicy Melon Soup with Prosciutto Straws

Recipe by Florencia Palmaz

We often use cantaloupe for this recipe, paired with our Amalia Chardonnay, but Amalia Palmaz has recently been making this dish with Honeydew. It is a delicious variation, with a delicate flavor that balances perfectly with the spice of the cayenne pepper and saltiness of the prosciutto! Use whichever melon you have on hand—either will make for a refreshing dish. The Honeydew variation pairs beautifully with our Louise Riesling.