Perfect Pairings for the Gaston Cabernet

12/15/2021 2:31:38 AM

By Palmaz Vineyards | December 2021

The Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon is not always available in the tasting room due to its small production and limited release. When it’s present, though, it always steals the show.

Gaston pairs deliciously with indulgence: big, chewy tannins and bold oak/fruit aromas demand attention. To help highlight how special this wine is, we like to pair it with unexpected sweet/savory elements. Here, we’ve paired the Gaston with a Bison Tenderloin topped with a Madeira Demi-Glace. We’ve also included a favorite pairing from our Tasting Room: our Gaston’s Trail Mix!

Sourcing ingredients is of paramount importance to Brasas At The Table and Palmaz Vineyards. We’ve sourced our bison from Durham Ranch Bison in the past. Also, the bison tenderloin in this recipe can be subbed for Brasas’ very own 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef tenderloin from Genesee Valley Ranch .

Simple but decadent, our Gaston Trail Mix is a popular pairing in our Tasting Room—not only for our guests but for ourselves as well! We always have a jar of it stashed in the back.