Steak Night Dinner Pairings with the 2019 Palmaz Vineyards Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon

Palmaz Vineyards | December 2022

Our 2019 Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon is a cornucopia of flavor, immediately transporting you to its harvest: dark fruit, tobacco, and wet granite captures the aroma of our caves during production. Chocolate covered tart cherries coupled with roasted espresso pop on the palate like a celebration. This is a full bodied wine with bold tannins that taper seamlessly into a silky and everlasting finish.

Squab and Roasted Morels with a Spring Garlic Risotto

Palmaz Vineyards | November 2022

This entree brings together two of our favorite foods: squab and morel mushrooms. When served together, they make a perfect pairing for big, opulent Cabernet Sauvignons. The day before, you can prep the squab breasts, braise the squab legs and make the garlic and morel cream. Then, when guests arrive, you need only to concentrate on the risotto and the squab breasts.

Brasas and the Genesee Valley Ranch Journey

By Christian Palmaz | May 2022

Our Brasas members only receive the best possible ingredients: meticulously crafted Napa Valley wine from Palmaz Vineyards and 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch.

Set into the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Genesee Valley Ranch is comprised of lush pastures and pristine grassland. It’s a bucolic image from a distance, but downright gorgeous up close.

Pairing 2018 Brasas Cabernet with Puchero

By Palmaz Vineyards | March 2022

Puchero is a delicious stew—one of our family-favorite Argentine comfort dishes. The Spanish word, Puchero technically means “earthenware pot”, though the word really illustrates whatever stewpot or vessel you end up cooking your Puchero in. It’s one of those dishes that has a wonderful amalgamation of flavors, starting with a rich base of wagyu brisket, tira de asado, chorizo, and morcilla. We serve it whole, like a pot roast, with veggies and broth on the side. We recommend pairing this flavorful meal with a flavorful, bold wine like our 2018 Brasas Cabernet.