Brasas and the Genesee Valley Ranch Journey

4/30/2022 11:09:22 PM

By Christian Palmaz | May 2022

Our Brasas members only receive the best possible ingredients: meticulously crafted Napa Valley wine from Palmaz Vineyards and 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch.

Set into the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Genesee Valley Ranch is comprised of lush pastures and pristine grassland. It’s a bucolic image from a distance, but downright gorgeous up close.

We believe that true ranching cannot happen without proper land stewardship, so we hold a healthy respect for the ecology and the wildlife surrounding us:  with the seasons and with a small, luxuriously treated herd. At GVR, we raise our Wagyu herd without compromise: we maintain the highest standards of humane handling. Our cattle are estate-raised on our 1,600 acres and grass-fed on a diet of native, diversified grasses.

See for yourself! In our newest video, Florencia Palmaz discusses the practice and craft of a well-run ranch.

Take a journey to Plumas County and join us at Genesee Valley Ranch.