Synology: Blending Art and Technology

10/19/2018 5:53:01 AM

Synology: Palmaz Vineyards – Blending Art and Technology

Palmaz Vineyards is a family-owned Napa Valley winery that is entirely encompassed inside Mount George. Unique to Palmaz is its own propriety ML software developed by Christian Palmaz, CEO. FILCS (pronounced “Felix”), stands for Fermentation Intelligence Logic Control System. It gives insight on fermentation by measuring variables in the process, then adjusts the temperature and rate of fermentation as needed. Another system, VIGOR, or Vineyard Infrared Growth Optical Recognition, monitors the health of the vineyard and adjusts irrigation accordingly throughout the growing season.

Christian’s software allows winemakers to save on time spent simply collecting data. Florencia Palmaz, Co-Founder, explains, “A lot of their tasks were spent focused on things that really didn’t define their talent. They were worried about mundane details in the process of winemaking. FILCS allowed them to spend less time worrying about the health of the fermentation.” It opens up more creative time for winemakers to taste and interact with the wine.

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