Brasas Members Sail the Mediterranean

9/13/2018 5:44:21 AM

Brasas Members Sail the MEDITERRANEAN | By Florencia Palmaz | Sep 13, 2018

Fall is almost upon us and harvest just around the corner. But before I dive head deep into the season, I am compelled to reflect on this summer. Last moth I had the good fortune of accompanying a small group of Brasas wine club members on a Mediterranean cruise. I never expected the trip to be so memorable, joyful and of course delicious. We were a group of 36 who became the envy of the cruise ship. Known on the board as those “winery kids” we proceeded to stage a gourmand’s mutiny. Each each port more inspiring than the next, and dinner more festive than the one before. Over the course of 16 days the group bonded together. Between decadent afternoons over pasta in Venice, Limoncello in Amalfi, and bottomless bowls of bouillabaisse by the French seaside we laughed and inspired each other.

The primary goal of the trip was to learn about the wines of the regions. We sipped our way across the coastline of Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, and Slovenia. We began on the hallowed ground of Bandol sipping ethereal Rosés. Then we immersed ourselves into depths of Primitivo, and the Roman history of Italian coastal wines.  Finally, we celebrated our good fortune with the Slovenia’s latest unfiltered sparkling wine that literally explodes!

In each place we met the proprietors of the vineyards, walked their fields, and were invited to join their family meals. With each adventure, one thing became abundantly clear- a vintner’s love of the land is essential for good wine. Reaffirming my families mission statement “Love the land, know the grape, and make a wine that honors both.”

This trip would not have been possible without the help of all organizers and locals who treated us so well, I thank you all especially the group at Food and Wine Trails. I look forward to our next adventure together soon. To the customers who joined me on this adventure, thank you.  I am so grateful to be in an industry where I can share my families passion and be so warmly welcomed into all your hearts. I look forward to our next adventure. Keep a look out for another episodes of Florencia’s Gourmet Adventures in 2020. 

I have always believed, time spent around a table bonds people together. This cruise was proof that a well set table and a good glass of wine can take 36 people from polite associates, to life long friends.


Florencia Palmaz