Welcome to the Ranch Subscription

5/3/2018 3:46:20 AM

Welcome to the Ranch Subscription | By Florencia Palmaz | May 3, 2018

Many friends in both Napa and Genesee Valley have been asking what are the Palmazes going to do with all those fancy Wagyu cows on their ranch in Plumas County? At last I can share with you all what we’ve been cooking up, literally…

This last year I have learned more about ranching in the High Sierras than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Michele and the whole team at GVR, we have developed an animal welfare program that is producing incredibly luxurious Wagyu Beef in the most humane and environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, I learned how to butcher a whole animal from Plumas County legend Denny Wright and Wesley Neer. And finally, I honed my culinary skills on the task of how to prepare every cut of beef on an animal. 

My Argentine roots and country habits kicked right in. Each week I’d research a cut, learn about its culinary origins, and then start cooking up dinner. My family gladly submitted themselves as test subjects. Slowly over the course of a year, I cut, cooked and served an entire cow.

I am excited to share with you all what I discovered. Here are just a few highlights:

– There is so much more flavor to be enjoyed in beef than what can be found in the commonly available cuts.

– As the steakhouse capital of the world you think America knows beef better than any other nation, but other cuisines such as Japan, Argentina, and even Vietnam also know their beef.

– A whole cow takes A LOT of room in your freezer!

and most importantly…

– The combination of quality raised Wagyu Beef prepared at home, and a good bottle of wine make for a magical evening. 

With my newfound skills and information I set to devise a way to share my family’s beef in a convenient and novel way. Our ranch-direct beef club that is a good value, easy to enjoy, and not too cumbersome in your freezer.

This week we opened the enrollment of our new Ranch subscription where members of the Brasas Food and Wine Society can sign up to receive our beef. In four days 84 members have already signed up! I expect the program to sell out quickly as we only have space for 200 members this year. I hope you will join me on this culinary exploration of beef. As a member, you will receive a collection of luxurious Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef cuts with recipes and butchery notes. Over the course of a year you too will learn how to enjoy responsibly one of the worlds oldest and most treasured culinary delicacies.

I look forward to sharing with you the first shipment in October. 

For more information on the details of the club click here.


Florencia Palmaz 

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Thank you to the creative team that helped document my “Year of Beef” and develop all the collateral materials that will be in the upcoming BF&WS packages.

Kent Lacin: riffin’ with a camera in one hand and jamin’ on the piano in another.

Nicola Majocchi: Maestro cow whisper, fence jumper, and culinary capturer.

Joanna Bonano: worlds most patient food stylist, and expert parsley nudger.

Marjorie & Paul Coyne: I promise this is the last round of edits…

Michele Haskins: Cowgril, Super-Mom, and and everything else a gal would aspire to be.

Denny Wright: Beef Yoda- I am not worthy!

Wesley Neer: Fastest talking knife in the West

Kathy Wright: Expert in both packing, and packing.

And of course my precious Mini-Aussie Coco: who after three days of tummy rumbling survived the photo shoot!