Cabriolet and Cabernet – A Perfect Pairing

6/24/2016 1:48:38 AM

By Christian Palmaz

OK I HAVE TO CONFESS I was a little nervous when my sister mentioned that a car manufacturer wanted to film us in a promo piece for a new car. Automobiles and alcohol should not be a perfect pairing, but she is the creative and I am the technical so I rolled with it…

When I saw the car that was being presented I instantly understood. A gorgeous 2017 S-Class Mercedes-Benz pulled up to the winery, and it caught my attention. For the next three days, a film crew followed us around and even let me drive that beautiful convertible through our dusty vineyard roads.

The conversation that followed between us and the executives at Mercedez-Benz was a mutual love fest on how two very different companies use technology and innovation to peruse an art. What began as just another marketing endeavor actually became an inspirational example of how technology can elevate a craft. For example the Cabriolet’s technology was seamlessly integrated into the car. As a passenger, I could not obviously tell the car was “High Tec”. It just had that perfect balance between exhilarating and luxurious. OK, ok pardon me, I’m gushing…

In summary that car was the automobile equivalent of what I hope our wines can achieve. The perfect balance between impactful bold characteristics and lush supple textures. The use of innovation and technology in our operation is not readily apparent in the finished wine. However I am confident that the presence of technology helps us make a more polished wine. We would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for showcasing Palmaz Vineyard’s innovation and art.  It’s a high honor to be recognized by such a legendary luxury brand.  Check out the video above.