The Wine Stream – Ep 22 – Sustainable Farming Practices

11/19/2020 2:34:24 AM

The Wine Stream – Sustainable Farming Practices

Episode 22 | Nov 18, 2020

There has always been a spirit of collaboration between food and wine. One complements the other, one feeds the other—if both are made with excellence, they lift each other up. The same can be said for the people that make food and wine. We are a hardy bunch of innovators, creators, and tastemakers. When like-minded farmers get together, we complement each other, we lift each other up…and, of course, we feed each other.

We’ve found a like-mind in Farmer Lee Jones and his family farm, The Chef’s Garden in Ohio. We believe that imbuing a dish with intention and care always begins with ingredients produced with integrity, starting with a fundamental respect for the land. Farmer Lee Jones and The Chef’s Garden share this mission: they grow vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with Nature and supply to some of the world’s most discriminating chefs. Their team is committed to ensuring that their farm is the most innovative and pioneering in the world. Along with their research and educational arm, The Culinary Vegetable Institute, they foster nuanced conversation with chefs who look to the farm to grow fresh vegetables that are as aesthetically pleasing on the plate as they are flavorful to the palate.

We are lucky enough to sit down this week on our newest Wine Stream to talk to Farmer Lee Jones about sustainable farming practices. We also had the pleasure of being able to exchange ingredients with Farmer Lee’s team at The Culinary Vegetable Institute. We have been overwhelmed by both the beauty and quality of the vegetables, micro-greens, and edible flowers in their “Best of the Season” box. It is a veritable cornucopia of earthly treasures—and a feast for the eyes.

With The Chef’s Table, we’ve conspired to make the ultimate “Steak Night”. The Culinary Vegetable Institute’s Chef Jamie Simpson cooked with a variety of our wines and Brasas At The Table’s NY Strip Steak, which he sous vide and seared to perfection with herb butter and chopped flowers. Of course, beautiful vegetable dishes were on the table—you’ll find recipes for Chef Jamie’s Steak Night Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Gruyere and Old School Creamed Spinach below, along with his Strip Steak recipe.


At Palmaz we love the land and know the grape. We strive to build upon years and years of farming and winemaking knowledge by leveraging our technology and efforts to make a wine that honors both. Our food society and sister company, Brasas At The Table, carries the finest and most sustainably sourced products they can find, including our wine and Genesee Valley Ranch prime, grass-fed Wagyu. So you could say we know amazing ingredients when we see them.

The Chef’s Garden vegetables are in a league of their own: Florencia Palmaz has called them “edible jewels” more than once. We think they shine next to Brasas At The Table’s GVR Wagyu and pair perfectly with our Palmaz Vineyard wine. The Chef’s Garden vegetables are going to be a regular feature on our table, and we hope, to yours as well.